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6am - 8pm

6am - 8pm

6am - 8pm

6am - 8pm

6am - 7pm

8:30am - 5pm

8:30am - 5pm 


Adult admission

u16 admission

senior citizens

community services

family swim

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Pool Status

programmes Pool

Temperature  29°


Learn to swim pool

Temperature  31°


Leisure pool

Temperature  30°


Sport Pool

Temperature  27°


toddler Pool

Temperature  33°


spa pool

Temperature  37°


outdoor pool

Temperature Min 24°

Closed for the season


Our Pools

Pool Hire

All of our pools can be booked for events such as swim meets, water-based sports, team trainings, school competitions or private use.

To inquire about making a booking please contact us via 

or phone 03 577 8300

Changing rooms

We have large female and male changing rooms with plenty of showers and toilets. In addition we have family and disabled cubicles with baby change tables, showers and a toilet. Hairdryers are available on request.

Lane swimming

Public lane swimming is available in the sport pool and regularly in the programme pool. If the pool is busy you may need to share a lane. Please remember to keep left.

Storage for personal items

On poolside we have more than 50 storage cupboards where you are welcome to store your belongings. Please note these are not lockable.

Lost property

Valuables collected will be held at reception for one week.

Clothing & toiletries will be kept for one week before being                                      donated to local charities.

Socks/underwear will be thrown out at the end of the day.


All our pools have hand rail ladders for easier access into the water. We also have a portable hydro hoist meaning all of the pools are able to be used by our less mobile customers. We also have  a waterproof wheelchair to use in the aquatics area and a wheelchair that can be used throughout the facility. 

Aqua jogging

Public spaces for aqua jogging are always available in the sport pool unless there is a sport booking. The programmes pool will usually have an aqua jogging lane available in the morning. Aqua belts, noodles and dumbells are provided. We also have a stationary aquabike available.

Birthday Parties

You are more than welcome to use the aquatic area for your child's next birthday party. Please remember not to bring glass or ceramics on poolside and we appreciate you cleaning up the area after your party.

aqua aerobics


Monday-Friday @ 9am


tuesday/thursday @ 10am


thursday @ 6pm

Aqua aerobics class, moving, twisting, and using equipment to add resistance in chest deep water. Buoyancy of the water reduces weight bearing stress, allowing greater ease of movement with less strain on bones, joints and muscles.

A low impact aqua aerobics in chest deep water. Gentle movements using the water and equipment as resistance. The density of the water assists in the strengthening of muscles with greater balance and efficiency.

Water aerobics suspended in 2m deep water. A great all over body workout. Improved muscle strength, endurance, balance and posture. 100% stress free on the bodies joints.

Aquacise 2016 5.jpg

aqua aerobics class

Pool Supervision

Children under 5 years of age must be within arm’s reach of a responsible caregiver, 16 years of age or over at all times.

Children under 8 years of age must be actively supervised at all times by a responsible caregiver, 16 years of age or over at all times.

Actively supervised means watching the children in your care at all times and being able to provide immediate assistance if required.

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Stadium 2000 

is a certified poolsafe facility

Poolsafe means customers can expect:

- Fully qualified and well trained lifeguards

- A high standard of water quality 

- Robust health and safety systems

- Best practice policies and procedures