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Central, accessible and hospitable, Marlborough boasts a leisure centre which is a must for every visitor to the sunshine province.

Located in the CBD of Blenheim , Stadium 2000 has become a first choice for conferences, tournaments, trade shows, concerts and dinners. It is the ideal point from which to enjoy the internationally acclaimed food, wine and local scenery.

Stadium 2000 technical information

Main Arena - 38m x 64m Height 8—14m

Upstairs Function Room - 10m x 15m Height 2.5m

Squash - 4 courts with three courts available as one area, when walls moved apart

Mezzanine foyer - 64m x 3m


Fully sprung ‘Junkers’ European beech sports floor. Courts are marked for Basketball (3), Netball (3), Volleyball (6) and Badminton (12).


Floor Protection

An Olympic class ‘Junker, sprung wooden floor is an outstanding feature of the Stadium 2000 facility. For high traffic spectator events in the Stadium, the floor must be covered. The requirement for floor covering is at the sole discretion of Stadium management and is a cost against the hirer.

As well as managing the impact of any equipment brought into the facility, hirers will need to manage footwear of users to ensure that stiletto heels or other potentially damaging footwear are not worn.

Floor Loading

Most of the Junkers floors supplied internationally are used for multipurpose events. Events such as sports, car shows and trade shows are examples of loadings that are acceptable.

The standard maximum loads for the Junkers floor system at Stadium 2000 are:

Area load                                         1000 kg/m2

Point load                                        700 kg/point (measured on an area of min. 1000mm x 100mm)

Loads on solid rubber wheels 250 kg/wheel (width min. 50mm diameter min. 100mm on flat rubber surface, hardness min 70A shore)

Loads on wheels with air tube     300 kg/wheel (width min. 50mm, diameter min. 130mm)

If bigger loads are required, this must be approved by Stadium 2000 management and load distributing sheets must be used. (e.g. 21mm plywood)


Total installed seating in the Stadium is 1142. This is made up of two banks of retractable seating for 468 at each end of the main floor and fixed seating for 206 on a mezzanine floor. Additional seats may be brought into the Stadium if required.



Stadium 2000 is access friendly and access for people with disabilities is achieved throughout.

Entrances to the main stadium are at ground level. Externally these are from a sealed car park area and internally from public foyer areas.

Direct external access is via banks of standard double door. One roller door access 3m x 6m via a large storage room is available.

A lift as well as double door stairway provide access to upstairs facilities.


Lifting Points

Ceiling trusses run widthways across the main stadium with an approximate spacing of 10m, four lifting points are installed mid way on the southern side of the stadium, suitable for use above a central stage.

The maximum loadings for each of these points is 750kg with a total maximum on one truss of 1500kg


Electrical Supply

The facility has 230 volt electricity supply throughout, with strategically located wall sockets throughout and floor sockets in the main stadium.

Direct connection to distribution boards by a qualified electrician is available.

Three phase power is available via four and five pin sockets. A maximum loading of 50KVA is allowed for in standard hire. Additional loads can be accommodated via a 100KVA generator, for which excellent hire rates have been negotiated. Alternatively excess KVA loads can be drawn from our supply system but must be paid for at cost per annum basis, to Stadium 2000.


Sound system

Stadium 2000 has its own in house sound system, which covers the main stadium. We have both wired and portable microphones, CD and tuner facility.

A portable sound system, also with a wired and portable microphone, as well as CD player is available for smaller areas.


Change and toilet facilities

Centrally located change facilities serve the main stadium. Additional facilities are available in the aquatics area.

The store area adjacent to the main stadium is equipped with two showers and toilets and with curtaining provides a ‘back of house’ change area.


Venue Plan
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